“An event is only for a moment but memories last a lifetime”

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The Story of a Photographer

I'm a NYC Photographer who started out with just one thing in mind, capturing special moments of special people in my life. Often times we forget about the simple things, sometimes it's just a glimpse and it fades away. I Remember when I was a child my grandmother had pictures all over the house. Every where you turned was a memory. Memories of our childhood, special events, and pictures of family members that are no longer with us.

So in 2012 I founded a photography company not only to build memories for myself but to build memories for others that cherish it like I do. I covered the New York/Tri-state area and parts of Eastern Long Island. Partnered with many amazing photographers and builded my craft. In 2015 a met my business partner Ozzie Charles “CEO” of Flash City Media and we created a network called Canon Boyz Nyc. We came together to build an amazing team to satisfy our clients through Videos and Pictures. We collaborated on many projects especially Events and Weddings photography . Even though Ozzie ascended to a better place his memories still lives on. “EVEN A BROKEN CRAYON STILL COLOR”

We do destination weddings as well as Traditional and Elopement Weddings. My company received its first exposure on a television show called Mikie Saves the Date broadcasted on the FYI Network. (Episode 7 Kid-Friendly Elegance). We also worked with several members from the cast of Love and Hip Hop, and been in numerous Urban Magazines. We are a family based Photography company with a total 8 employees and our goals is to give client the best service they well deserve.

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